A Sketch Towards Some Solutions

A Sketch Towards Some Solutions

A Sketch Towards Some Solutions - YouTube

Academic Agent dispels populism and charts a course towards elite action.
In the years prior to the 2020 US election, the online right was dominated by Alt-Right and Anti-SJW populism. Academic Agent overviews the various populist bottom-up strategies attempted by these movements:

-Writing to MPs
-Complaining to existing institutions
-Groyping (gate-crashing of mainstream events to highlight our issues)
-New Political Parties

Academic Agent contends that these institutions do not respond to material feedback loops, leaving these attempts, by anti-regime mass movements, to be ineffectual. These institutions are "captured" and will not respond as they are purported to in the case of anti-regime elements.

In the wake of events preceding this video, lessons had been learned through events such as covid, election fraud, Brexit, and the failings of populist movements. These lessons are:

-The People are a broad mass of cattle
-Firepower should only be directed at elites
- Any real anti-left movement must be a movement of elites against elites.

With these lessons in mind, AA proposes a new strategy of Elite Vanguardism in 3 steps:

1. We utilize existing networks to create a vanguard elite whose first commitment in life, no matter what they do, is to be against the cathedral (the Global American Empire). This network should be both international and local. Any position one holds in an institution should be leveraged to advance our agenda. Even better, if multiple people exist in the institution, as a part of the network, they should collaborate to watch each other's backs and recruit others. Lay low, network, and embed yourself in the institution of power. Infiltrate covertly, take over positions available, and always remember your first commitment to the cause. Build communities in real life that are not always political in their activities. Social contact, a sense of purpose, and community are key.

2. The second is to build VERTICAL relationships with powerful investors, who will help to back vanguard institutions. Through this method, outlets like the Guardian can consistently sustain annual losses whilst being supported by powerful backers/trust funds with over £ 1 billion pounds. Despite low circulation, these magazines perform the function of influencing all of the important UK elites. This can be achieved through figures such as Steve Bannon or a maverick Russian oligarch.

3. The Vanguard must pursue its ends through targeted single-issue special interest groups. Issues such as grooming gangs, immigration, or anti-woke can only get anywhere if there is an effort dedicated solely to that single issue. This allows the organized minority to prevail over a disorganized mass. Focused pressure groups will always defeat the majority of the country in effecting political action.

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