Biological Leninism

Biological Leninism
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Full Title: Biological Leninism - YouTube
Creator: Charlemagne
Publication Date: 3/21/2020
Series: Spandrell - YouTube
Original Article: Bloody Shovel 3 - Biological Leninism Part 1 (Nov. 14, 2017)


Understanding Bioleninism: Exploring Spandrel's Concept

Introduction to Bioleninism:

  • Bioleninism, or biological Leninism, is a term coined by Spandrel that has gained popularity in right-wing discourse.
  • Bioleninism is not widely recognized in these exact terms, but the underlying ideas are present in discussions.
  • Edward Dutton's take on this is his "Spiteful Mutants"
  • Spandrel's concept of bioleninism is explained in a three-part series of blog posts (part 1 linked above, with links to the others).
  • Parts one and two will be discussed here, while part three will be summarized in a later video.
  • This is an explanation of how The Cathedral formed and of why Chthulu only swims left.

The Glue that Holds Strong Governments:

  • Spandrel identifies loyalty as the key factor that holds together strong governments.
  • Loyalty is reliable and eliminates the need for constant argument and persuasion.
  • The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is cited as an example of a loyal ruling class that got things done.

The Problem with Liberalism:

  • Feudalism's inability to get things done led to the rise of absolutism, which eventually gave way to liberalism.
  • Liberal states were effective and had strong bureaucracies, but they lack loyalty.
  • Loyalty is the key glue that holds governments together, as it distinguishes friends from foes and ensures stability and reproduction.

Leninism as a Solution:

  • Leninism emerged as a solution to liberalism's lack of cohesion and loyalty.
  • Lenin built a ruling class by recruiting individuals from low-status groups who had grievances against the established order.
  • This built a ruling class which was loyal to the party due to the benefits and status it provided.
  • Leninism promised higher status to those who deep down knew they shouldn't have it, creating a strong and loyal ruling class.

The Nature of Liberalism and its Contradictions:

  • Liberalism can tolerate its own contradictions as long as they are external.
  • The natural hierarchy that emerges in a liberal society only benefits the wealthy minority, leaving others with no incentive to be loyal.
  • The left forms a grand coalition of losers who, under normal conditions, would have low status, but who are promised fulfillment of their "status desires." = Leninism
  • This coalition remains loyal to prevent a return to lower status and maintains cohesion despite their differences.

The Rise of Biological Leninism:

  • Biological Leninism is a powerful force that extends beyond the Soviet Union and China and is the primary power structure in the West today.
  • Biological Leninism is Leninism spawned from the evolutionary process of a multitude of individuals realizing their potential to incrementally gain power by exploiting the absence of a cohesive ruling class.
  • It is a means of agitating low-status people worldwide to undermine nations and spread left-wing control.
  • In Communist countries, pedigree is quite important - if your family history includes land-owners, business owners, or nobility, you would be excluded because you could never be trusted. These people will always do well.
  • Anyone can believe in the truth. Belief in nonsense is an excellent organizing tool to identify "true believers" to the Cathedral.
  • Larry Auster's First Law of minority relations: the worse a group behaves, the more the left likes it.
  • Private companies adopt left-wing ideologies due to ideological reasons, enforced by embedded agents (think of the typical corporate HR department)
  • Globalism serves as a tool to spread this model of control across the world.

The Ultimate Goal of the Cathedral:

  • The cathedral, or the left, aims for totalitarian control as an end in itself.
  • Leftist rhetoric and claims of morality are only tactical means to seize and maintain power.
  • Engaging in moral debates with the left is futile, as their ultimate goal is power.

The Left's Relentless Pursuit of Power:

  • The left moves further left to gain power, dropping principles and disregarding moires.
  • Once in power, the left enjoys high status and strives to convince others that they are not truly in power.
  • The left captures the electoral system, but power extends beyond parliament to achieve absolute control.

The Perfect Politician and the Scramble to the Bottom:

  • The ideal politician is one who has no other options and sees politics as the best thing that happened to them.
  • Political parties rely on low-status people for support and promise them higher status in return.
  • The left's energy is focused on producing propaganda that portrays themselves as underdogs - not truly in power, but fighting against the great power of the right.
  • Leftist coalitions infight, fragment, and reform further left, creating a scramble to the bottom.
  • Thought it may appear as though their coalitions are tight, really the left is composed of a bunch of individuals who act in similar ways for very selfish reasons.

Conclusion and Future Exploration:

  • Understanding bioleninism helps to analyze and counter left-wing ideologies.
  • The left's true motives lie in the pursuit of total authoritarian power, and moral arguments hold no ground.
  • The society can either collapse into decadence or reassert true hierarchy, with competent leaders consolidating control.


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