How to Read the Media and Parse the Regime

How to Read the Media and Parse the Regime
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Full Title: How to Read The Media and Parse The Regime - YouTube
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Publication Date: 2/5/2014



  • It's important to be able to accurately and effectively read the media
  • The goal is to understand the intentions and messaging of the regime.
  • Navigating the current media landscape is a challenge, and it's important not to fall into traps or misconceptions.

Overview: Key Lessons

  1. Understanding the rules of the regime: There are four rules that should be kept in mind at all times, including the regime's lack of 4D chess, their intention signaling, the use of priming the audience, and the ability to memory hole information.
  2. Recognizing the relationship between media and the regime: The media serves as a tool for the regime to signal its intentions and control the narrative. It highlights the focus on what the regime wants viewers to see and the disregard for information that doesn't align with their agenda.
  3. Utilizing a trick to read the media effectively: Using Google's news tab to search for regime-approved sources and see what they are saying on a particular topic. This helps viewers get a sense of the direction the regime is moving in.
  4. Understanding different media outlets: Media outlets are categorized into regime central, right containment, and trash tier based on their credibility and alignment with the regime. It emphasizes the importance of relying on regime central outlets for "accurate" information.
  5. Avoiding the common mistake made by rightists: Mistaking manufactured stories from right containment outlets as the regime's actual stance. Be wary of falling into this trap: be discerning.
  6. Case study: Trump winning the election: The media's coverage of Trump potentially winning the 2024 election can be used as a case study. This can be good for people to practice using the skills above.

The Four Rules of the Regime

You must be mindful of these 4 rules at all times:

  1. The regime never plays 4D chess
  • Common amongst the "conspiracy crowd" to attribute more intelligence to the regime than they deserve. It's much more straight forward than that

2.   The regime always signals its intentions

  • See above. Watch for their signaling because it is always there.

3.   The regime always primes its audience

  • This allows the intended audience to prepare mentally for what they have planned

4.   The regime can memory hole at will

  • When things don't go as planned, they'll just ex post facto erase it
  • Eg: Bret Kavanaugh's hearings; COVID-19 lab leak theory

Relationship Between Media and Regime

  1. The Media signals the Regime's intentions
  2. The Media primes the Regime's audience
  3. The Media focuses on what the Regime wants everybody focused on
  4. The Media ignores what the Regime doesn't want people to focus on
  • It constantly does these 4 things - the Regime isn't truly centralized, so the Media is used to effect it's programming.
  • Eg: the media for weeks prior to the election told the audience repeatedly that early on, Trump would get a lot of votes, but then later in the day, things would swing their way. And that Trump would claim there was election fraud.

One Simple Trick to Read the Media

  • Put search terms in Google
  • Click on the "News" tab under the search field
  • The result will be all of the "Regime-approved" sources
  • Eg: "Trump poll black voters" - why does the regime want you to know Trump is polling well with black voters currently? To signal the need to improve turn-out to the voting booth.
  • You'll notice that ALL the outlets are very much in lock-step with one another.

Different Outlets of the Media

  • Optimus Prime (Associated Press, Reuters) - these feed to every other outlet, which they will then "spin" to their own desires
  • Regime Central (BBC, CNN, NYT, The Economist, London Times)
  • Shitlib (NPR, MSNBC, The Guardian, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC)
  • Right Containment (The Hill, FoxNews, NYPost, Daily Mail) - Even though you think these are covering things from the right side, they are still focused on the same issues, which the Regime controls.
  • Trash Tier (Daily Wire, Daily Beast, The Independent, Vox, HuffPost, Jacobin, etc.)

Most Common Mistake Made by Rightists

  • Right containment outlet takes outlandish statement from a shitlib or trash-tier publication and highlights it.
  • All the right containment outlets then report on it.
  • Online influencers share the story to enhance circulation
  • Don't fall for the trap that this is the Regime's line when it's just a random liberal's drivel.

Case Study: Trump Winning the Election

  • See how the media is covering Trump's potential victory in the 2024 election
  • Type in Trump 2024 into Google search and hit the News tab.
  • Great source of what the Regime wants people to see and follow.
  • Currently headlines are signaling that Trump is going to win the presidency and preparing its audience for this eventuality.
  • Betteridge's Law of Headlines: For any headline that ends in a question mark, the answer is always "No."


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