Is There a Place for Women on the Right?

Is There a Place for Women on the Right?
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Full Title: Is there a Place for Women on the Right?
Creator: Sargon of Akkad
Publication Date: April 26, 2004


Treatment of Right-Wing Women Online

Online Discourse Dynamics:

  • Recent conversations on Twitter about right-wing women tend to be unproductive and immature.
  • Right-wing mens' online behavior towards women on their own political side can be disrespectful, and often goes against their stated beliefs.

Character Development and Habits:

  • The speaker asserts personal authority on respectful treatment, emphasizing that character is built by habits.

Consequences of Excluding Women from Right-Wing Spaces

Political Implications:

  • Excluding women eventually will lead to the right's political irrelevance.
  • Women, as a voting bloc, are crucial to winning elections.

Need for Inclusivity:

  • The right must find ways to communicate its values to women to avoid continuous electoral losses.
  • The left is very good at this, and offer something important: freedom from shame for their behavior.

Online Behavior and Misogyny

Critique of Modern Womanhood:

  • Right-wing Twitter users often denounce modern women's behavior as degenerate.
  • The rise of red pill content creators is linked to the perceived debauchery of modern women.

Unfair Expectations:

  • It's a messed up world with crazy double standards where men are expected to behave while women are encouraged to be libertine, in contradiction to both parties' natures.

Misguided Strategies and Their Impact

  • Ineffective Messaging:
  • Harsh and dogmatic principles alienate rather than attract women to right-wing ideals.
  • The aggressive online behavior of right-wing men is off-putting to both current ant potential female allies.
  • There's a fair amount of "friendly fire" coming from the men on the right toward the women.

The Role of Men in Right-Wing Spaces

Perception of Right-Wing Men:

  • Right-wing Twitter users are seen (often rightly) as resentful rather than as protectors.
  • We can empathize with the frustrations of young men in society we absolutely cannot afford to view women as the enemy.

Need for Respectful Engagement:

  • Sargon (Carl Benjamin) recommends treating women with kindness and respect to cultivate a more appealing right-wing ideal of womanhood.
  • The old saying - you attract more flies with honey than vinegar applies here.

The Path Forward for Right-Wing Women

Challenges Faced by Centre-Right Women:

  • Centre-right women are criticized for their past behavior, pushing them towards leftist ideals that offer liberation from judgment.
  • Everything in society already both pushes & pulls women to the left, can we afford to push from the right as well? How will that be productive?

Cultural Influence and Change:

  • Sargon suggests that everyone is influenced by a debauched culture and calls for realistic steps towards improvement.

Promoting Positive Ideals:

  • The right should promote the ideal of being a lady and chivalry to attract women.
  • A culture of honor and respect for right-wing women could repair male-female relations damaged by feminism.
  • Treating women well, and giving them respect and the benefit of chivalry could serve as a pull for women in this sphere.


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