Mapping The Three Estates

Mapping The Three Estates
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Full Title: Mapping The Three Estates - YouTube
Creator:  Charlemagne
Publication Date: 1/20/2019
Series: Spandrell - YouTube


Nick Land’s Neoreactionary Trichotomy

  • This is a second-order mapping
  • To connect the NRX Trichotomy to the Three Estates:
  1. We must map the Estates of the Realm to the Present Day

2.   We much map the Present Day to the Trichotomy

1st Order Map (Estates of the Realm to Present Day)

1st Estate = The Clergy

  • This still maps cleanly to the present day Church
  • Clearly corrupted and not fulfilling their purpose, but that’s another story

2nd Estate = The Nobility

  • The Nobility has been dissolved for all practical purposes
  • Whoever stands in this place are clearly NOT performing their historic role
  • Purpose of the 2nd Estate = Management of the State under the Government (from outside the Government)
  • While the Monarchy is outside of the Estates of the Realm, the closest modern day analogy is “The Government”
  • The CEO Executive Class is the closest modern mapping to the Nobility
  •  They are actual people, not abstract entities (like the corporations they control)
  •  They are outside the Government, but still greater than the individual
  •  Much Government action goes through corporations and are funded by the Government

3rd Estate = The Commoners

  • Lower, middle, and even upper classes, but not those in the “executive” class
  • Despite the ideal of “class mobility,” in general there is very little movement between the classes

2nd Order Map (Present Day to NRX Trichotomy)

1. Clergy/Church => Theonomist

2. CEO Executive Class => Capitalist/Techno-Commercialist

3. Commoners -> Ethnicist/Nationalist

  • Populist movements are the main cultural politely force at this time
  • Nationalist movements are made up of middle and lower class people in general


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