The Octopus

The Octopus is AA's concept of the headless, yet multi-tentacled organization of Elites which form the current ruling regime.

- Dr Neema Parvini, AKA Academic Agent on The Octopus And Elite Theory - YouTube
- The Octopus - by Academic Agent - The Forbidden Texts

Seven Lessons from Elite Theory

  • Mosca's Law: the organized 100 will always defeat the disorganized 1000
  • "Who says organization, says oligarchy"
  • There is no genuine separation of powers
  • There are no neutral institutions
  • Rule of law is a myth: power is always "decisionist"
  • In practice, decisionism always triumphs over rule of law
  • Power seeks to eliminate rival castles
  • Culture is downstream from law

Much of this is referenced and detailed further in [[The Populist Delusion - WIP]]

Additional Theses

  • Against the 'hidden hand' conspiracy frame.
  • Power wants to display itself - the display of power is a source of power in itself
  • All leftists know this
  • There is a practical need to demonstrate hierarchy.
  • Against pure 'emergent phenomenon' explanations.
  • It is clear that The Regime centrally coordinates
  • It is clear that The Regime disciplines those who resist or defy it

Some Necessary Complexity

  • There are emergent behaviors at the level of the non-governing elite, which do operate "by themselves," but the "tempo" is set top-down.
  • There are dialectical relationships in the system, which serve to make hierarchy difficult to trace. However, most of the time "activists" who appear to be resisting power are in fact the agents of power being used to manufacture consent.

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