9 Habits of Highly Reactionary People

It takes more than just "deciding to be worthy" to become a leader or a husband.

Title: Culture War and Content Creation 2: 9 Habits of Highly Reactionary People - YouTubeSeries: Culture War and Content CreationCreator: The DistributistPublication Date: December 29, 2020


  • Be wary of asserting power that you don't have
  • Also: it's not so easy as "become worthy" and then seize the power

How to Improve Oneself To Become a Leader and Gain Power

1. Don't Panic

  • For those on the Right, the world can be a very hostile place (clownworld)
  • The left is constantly pushing change, which makes it hard to find solid ground to build upon
  • Working yourself into a state of constant worry/dysphoria has no positive benefit
  • It can also get you caught in the "outrage cycle"

2. Choose Growth Over Comfort (Limit Addiction)

  • We are used to living in a constant stream of dopamine rushes
  • Learned helplessness is another enemy, but we must push through
  • The Executive "Type": Optimism, athleticism, punctuality, resilient
  • Have to be able to take reasonable risks and win
  • Risk aversion and Paralysis by analysis are to be avoided.

3. Form Good Habits

  • Form habits that reinforce and move you towards your goals
  • [[Atomic Habits]]
  • [[Tiny Habits]]
  • Learn to maintain focus. Fight the dopamine addiction

4. Join Groups That Cultivate Growth

  • Stronger than dopamine addiction
  • Cultivate real friendships
  • Grow your friend group
  • Basketweaving

5. Always Be Learning

  • This is the main way we grow and make ourselves more valuable
  • Focus on new skills that you enjoy and are worthwhile
  • We can also learn through experiences and relationships

6. Always Be Building

  • Build towards a completed work or objective
  • Moving something forward and creating external works is worthwhile
  • It also gets us around "credentialism" which can be an intellectual trap
  • In our youth we are trained to work very hard to get a grade or a degree
  • We are only learning to get the grade, not because the information is useful to us in the future
  • The institutional hurdles are often arbitrary and useless - they often hold people back
  • Having a portfolio of completed projects is actually more impressive than grades from institutions.
  • Gets around the pitfall of "stupid work" - Work smarter, not harder
  • Working harder doesn't mean you're doing better
  • Make sure you're working towards the right direction in regards to your goals
  • Make sure you're work is progressing to completion of a project

7. Always Be Teaching

  • Focuses more on social interaction - can only be done with other people
  • There are always opportunity to be a teacher and people who are eager to learn from us
  • Helping others is also the best way to educate yourself
  • Teaching the concepts to others helps you understand them better for your own purposes
  • You grow as a leader as you grow others
  • The left often criticizes the right for being totally uninterested in education, that we are only focused on our own status hierarchy. We don't focus on bringing up our allies.
  • Don't focus on clout or status so much
  • Those who are interested in our ideas are our allies
  • This helps grow community

8. Cultivate Deep Friendship and Guarded Openness

  • The above steps help you to develop close friends and connections
  • Start in a guarded fashion
  • Allow them to grow and develop
  • Men and women develop these things differently
  • Men often need an external objective to work towards
  • Hobbies are a great start with this, especially in physical space
  • Meeting and developing in real life is critical to building actual community

9. Take Ownership in a Community

  • Walk the walk
  • Step into a role as a leader
  • Local and small communities still exist
  • Opportunities for leadership are there (just look!)
  • The best way to learn how to do something is to DO it.
  • Church organizations are a great place to start
  • Ownership is a concept that sets the right apart
  • It is a difficult concept for millennials and GenZ, who often cherish the role of detached criticism but not becoming part of communities
  • It means investing yourself, your time and put your name to it, protect it
  • Yes, you will be judged based on the success or failure of the community
  • This is a huge problem with current leadership (from local to global) - they don't take ownership of the consequences of their actions and use of the power that they wield.
  • Always acting like they're just carrying out the will of some external agency
  • But they aren't responsible for it
  • We need leaders who will take ownership

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