Culture War And Content Creation

Culture is an essential battlefield in the war of ideologies, and one the Left dominates completely. This must change for there to be any hope.

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Publication Date: August 18, 2019

The 9 Archetypes of Leaders (Plus 3 Extras)

There is a need for these types of people to step forward on the right

  1. The Ambassador
  • The person out in front. The one people think of when they think of your particular movement
  • The decline & fall of the Alt-Right - what went wrong?
  • They had no good ambassadors under the age of 50
  • Richard Spencer looked like an 80's movie villian
  • Poor optics. Typically antisocial people
  • The ambassador is primarily about optics
  1. The Artist/Content Creator
  • Many on the right are at a disadvantage as they haven't been trained to be creative/to be an artist as those places tend to turn away those of us on the right.
  • In the past a lot of right-wing creators have had a tendency to being overly ideological
  • Content tends to be more overt and thinly veiled political propaganda
  • The Left understands that only the "True, the Good, and the Beautiful" should be given priority
  • 2 hurdles creators from the Right must overcome:
  • Give permission to create in the first place, implicitly permission to fail
  • Permission to put aside ideology and let their innate concepts of truth and beauty take them where they will.
  • This is difficult due to the criticism it inevitably generates.
  • Focus on finishing things
  1. The Engineer
  • The rightward engineer is disadvantaged due to lack of financial resources
  • Organization is the real crux - we need an alternative technology alliance to get us all on the same page
  1. The Intellectual
  • Very important on a practical level
  • It is common in normie right-wing circles to put down intellectuals as people who make meaningless statements about complex systems that they don't really understand
  • Look at how they do it on the Left - they reference other intellectuals who referenced their theories and use their platform to advance that theory.
  • They also use it to sync up and get everyone on the same page
  • It provides a common language for them all to use.
  • Moldbug established The Cathedral. And everyone knows what you mean when you say "Chthulu always swims to the left"
  • Intellectuals lay the foundation. We also need to establish an archive of this previous right-wing work
  1. The Archivist
  • The Librarian, Documenter and Organizer
  • Someone who has gone through the material in the past and can put it in a place where those who are interested can find it easily.
  • This is more or less entirely online
  • All of the other archetypes need to gain knowledge of what has come before and be able to collaborate with it, and who you are competing against
  • It's helpful to be able to build on other people's ideas instead of having to come up with ideas from scratch
  • Use and cite other interesting ideas that have come before
  • They can also document the "many insanities of left wing progressives"
  • One of their favorite tactics is to deny all of the crazy stuff they routinely say.
  • The left has many organizations like "Right Wing Watch" to do exactly this
  1. The Educator/Cleric
  • The only way out of the right's current situation is education
  • Homeschooling and private schooling are essential
  • Disseminates the information
  • Creates new leaders
  1. The Host(ess)
  • A bridge or pathway for communcation
  • Enables growth of the community and ideas within the community
  • Makes things available. Makes space available for growth
  • Create a contagious environment of interest
  • Culture is a collective experience
  1. The Spiritual Leader
  • The current spiritual leaders are not up to the task
  • Christian apologetics are trapped in a box
  • Most people come to an understanding of the Holy by looking at examples
  1. The Networker
  • Knows other people and can get them to work together
  • Critical piece of the puzzle
  • Helps to establish a community
  1. The Politician
  • The right wing has looked for a dynamic elected leader for years, but our options have been poor
  • Trump will have a hard time winning (or any other Republican) based purely on the demographic composition of the Democratic Part
  1. The Saboteur
  • Exactly the opposite of the Politician
  • Sabotaging and infiltrating the enemy's power base
  • Using subterfuge and lying is ethically questionable, not to mention difficult
  • Utility is limited in any case - typically doesn't work outside of war and false flags
  • The Left isn't as stupid as the right
  1. The Warrior
  • Not useful for the distant right as a means of organization or obtaining power
  • Current soldiers follow the commands of current generals, and this is typically organized towards keeping order not obtaining it
  • Paramilitary political action will always be monitored extremely closely and shut down immediately if actually threatening
  • Insurrectionist movements will put the current regime "on notice"
  • Antifa is supported by the state or one faction thereof.
  • The people in power are always on the lookout for actual organized right-wing military-style force and work actively to guard against it. They are aware of its potential power.

The real source of the problem is that the Elites have time on their side.

  • The right-wing will not sustain itself into the future
  • The right will actually extinguish themselves
  • Must be able to demonstrate that we will survive and thrive and actively participating

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