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Obsolete Capitalism: NICK LAND :: A QUICK-AND-DIRTY INTRODUCTION TO ACCELERATIONISM @ cyberjacobite 25may2017
From Fanged Noumena - written when NL was much more left wing with many ideas coming from critique of capitalism.

  • Capital is always attempting to de-territorialize/break down barriers/traditional structures of society
  • These structures of society are, in the first place, built to prevent the cultural meltdown process that comes from unrestrained capital.
  • Like taking the control rods out of a nuclear reactor
  • Capital ends up in a closed loop
  • Increasing commoditization
  • Increasing industrialization
  • These things mutually excite each other
  • This creates a closed and positive feedback loop that continually accelerates
  • Each step of one makes them both more efficient and advancement occurs more and more rapidly
  • Self perpetuating and ever accelerating set of cycles
  • This process also begins to manufacture demands instead of meeting them
  • Mass consumerism
  • Human needs end up in the rear-view mirror
  • As things advance, humanity's ability to cope with these changes gets worse and eventually doesn't keep up.
  • Capitalism then melts down
  • Technocrats are proponents of accelerationism and are trying to push the gas to it.


  • Human structures are all destined to eventually fall apart.
  • Synchronization is required to keep things together, but accelerationism destroys syncronicity
  • This ultimately leads to dis-integration

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