20 Rules for Right Wingers

20 Rules for Right Wingers
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Full Title: 20 Rules for Right Wingers ("Frens")
Creator: The Distributist
Publication Date: July 17, 2023
Link: 20 Rules for Right Wingers ("Frens") - YouTube


Rule 1: A Fren believes in humanity and a higher power

  • There is no such thing as value neutral politics
  • Politics is fundamentally about coalition-building (friend-enemy distinction)
  • 2 General standard political priorities
  • Preserving the survival of humanity through post-modernity
  • Sustaining humanity's relationship with God
  • Some might opt for "truth, goodness, and beauty" instead of God
  • There is a requirement of a higher moral order
  • Without these 2 political priorities together, there can be no cooperation
  • These are essential elements for human thriving
  • Nihilists cannot be trusted in our midst as they care for neither of these

Rule 2: Frens recognize liberal modernity's threat to human thriving and desire a new direction to ensure humanity's survival

  • What is the subject of the Right's political activism?
  • An opposition to the current global order of government managed technocracy/democracy
  • This system sacrifices long-term human thriving for short term solvency and power
  • It pushes out older life-giving traditions, neglecting their value and utility for humankind
  • It displaces people, offering false promises of endless growth and consumer-driven lifestyles
  • The "real right" understands that the root of these issues is derived from liberal secular modernity's presuppositions maybe even the Enlightenment itself
  • There is no incremental step back to the "90's"
  • Any correction at all will require radical change and break with the status quo.

Rule 3: Frens understand that boundaries are a core mechanism to foster independence and health in the face of modern society.

  • Most conservatives are aware of modernity's corrosive nature and the need to separate from the system to foster human survival.
  • Dissident groups seek boundaries to accomplish independence and separation from the toxicity of society (morally, geographically, economically, politically)
  • We (dissident groups) are more unified by our common values and independent association
  • We also share a common enemy in the global managerial class
  • The managerial class (per DeJeuvenel) are always interested in humanities destruction and dehomogenation
  • We stand against these processes

Rule 4: Frens make promises and keep them. Frens are capable of receiving loyalty, and giving it.

  • Making and keeping promises is the most basic of right-wing values.
  • The creation and maintenance of bonds is the opposite of the left-wing's agenda of dissolving all of society's bonds.
  • Growth of trust is essential to this process, within our groups.
  • The Left focuses on parasocial fake relationships and illusory comforts, we focus on truth, loyalty, and accountability, which result in genuine relationships.

Rule 5: Frens make their moral commitments explicit, no functional nihilism, no "View from Nowhere."

  • The fundamental tool that allows dissidents to communicate from varying positions and build the bonds mentioned in Rule 4?
  • Formalism - we say what we mean, and we mean what we say, we express what we believe and our own moral boundaries in a precise and clear language.
  • Clear lines and language help develop the boundaries that keep us able to work together.
  • Being able to express core beliefs explicitly:
  • So they can be respected
  • So that the position of critique cannot be used maliciously to deconstruct genuine beliefs while not defending a positive position or solution to whatever was being criticized.

Rule 6: Frens make an effort to understand other Frens' core loyalties.

  • We may have independent ideas, but as we build a broad coalition, we need to try to understand each other to be able to:
  • Work together
  • Establish boundaries
  • Establishing order
  • Establishing peace
  • Always ask more questions
  • Assume conflict with allies is due to a misunderstanding
  • Intellectualize disagreements so their impact is minimized and less personal

Rule 7: Frens respect other Frens' boundaries, even if those boundaries exclude them.

  • The making of boundaries is important for all of the reasons above
  • Exclusion and discrimination are hard to take when it is against you specifically
  • But not every space is for you.
  • Not every context is suited for your presence.
  • Letting this go is the first step towards peace.

Rule 8: Frens attempt to de-escalate drama and dissolve disagreements.

  • Chaos is the enemy of order (which is what we're trying to build). Drama leads to chaos.
  • Drama is the driver in "personal politics" and "clout" and "internet beefs"
  • This prevents building anything lasting
  • Drama = feminine fighting
  • Building = masculine concordance
  • De-escalate drama whenever possible

Rule 9: Frens refrain from insulting core loyalties of other Frens.

  • Not understanding or respecting these clear boundaries between factions of the coalition leads to issues with No 8 above.
  • We should remember the notion of "fighting words" = these are calls to escalate conflict and should be avoided in coalition building.
  • Gods, religious issues, wives, and children are always going to be potential land-mines and we should be respectful of each others' views in these areas.
  • Same for direct attacks on a man's integrity/character or a woman's virtue.

Rule 10: Frens maintain care around secondary loyalties

  • There is a large area for banter and locker-room talk such as ribbing.
  • Be careful around these secondary loyalties
  • Also don't feel that you need to directly defend these loyalties
  • This allows certain things to be joked about among friends (avoid doing this in public spaces, of course).
  • If some spectrum disorder prevents you from picking up on subtle context clues, avoid this all together.

Rule 11: Frens never punch right (no moral denouncements).

  • The left's tactic is divide and conquer.
  • They depend on conservatives reaching out to the left and gate-keeping to the right.
  • Each of these expands their horizon and helps them guard their own flank
  • Counter-signaling to those to our right just helps our enemies
  • We have to stop punching right.
  • But this is harder than it sounds because we don't actually want sociopathy, bigotry, or callousness among our ranks just because it is "based" and on the right.
  • Any internal moral enforcement creates a wedge within our ranks that WILL be used by our enemies against our coalition.

The Left-Wing Cancellation Cycle:

  • Moralizing - casting all political differences as moral failures
  • Keep in mind the extreme cynicism of the left when moralizing, they have NO base values in truth.
  • Smearing - using vague language to equivocate and magnify the issue into panic
  • Collectivizing the moral panic - they harness the concept of "guilt by association"
  • Used to trigger mass denouncements
  • Not punching right = arresting this cycle at all stages while preserving other elements of normal human policing and enforcement.

Defeat the Cancellation Cycle:

  • De-escalate - make sure you remove emotion from any attack on honor or disagreement with the allied individual(s) or community
  • Intellectualize - frame the disagreement as a contention between factual matters. Create boundaries.
  • Separate - develop a space for each moral system to operate and rules to keep the disagreement from escalating. Seek arbitrage from a higher authority

Rule 12: Frens avoid counter-signaling (jumping on Cathedral bandwagons or cancellation campaigns).

  • This ties into the left's smearing language.
  • Mainstream conservatives play into it by co-owning the left's terminology and they end up driving the Left's narrative
  • Magical words - the left uses these to forward their goals - We must avoid using them, either against our own or against the Left.

Rule 13: Frens make themselves strong enough to hold the line, or make room for those who can.

  • This is the last line of defense against the progressive cancellation cycle - Fortitude
  • Much of the power of cancellation lies in fear, and a cascade of cancellation ramps that up.
  • Stopping the cycle minimizes the fear factor and limits the "guilt by association" element.
  • Make yourself a point of strength, and don't throw others under the bus or betray others to make yourself look better.
  • If you aren't at a place where you can do this, that's ok... sit out a round, or take a "support" role in the project.

Rule 14: Frens always stay building

  • Our side has to be producing something positive. That is the form "winning" takes for us.
  • More resources for our side
  • More and better wisdom
  • Broader networks
  • Best practices
  • "A victory is anything which makes future victories easier or more likely." - Curtis Yarvin

Rule 15: Frens never dox or harass non-institutional targets.

  • This is about the broader boundaries of cultural warfare.
  • We want to avoid collateral damage to non-combatants.
  • We also have limited resources, so spreading chaos and enlarging the scope of our "front" in this war makes things more difficult for us.
  • This is also ethically questionable for those of us who are Christians

Rule 16: Frens always pursue self-improvement

  • Pursue excellence in all things:
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Familial
  • Spiritual
  • Improving yourself improves your future and puts you in a better place even as everything seems to be sliding downwards all around us.
  • This also sets us against the decline and makes us the beacon of sanity inside of "clown-world."

Rule 17: Frens always expand the coalition - Find new frens.

  • We are building a coalition here. Don't try to go it alone.
  • We need alliances everywhere to function in the current world order.
  • We are either growing or dying.

Rule 18: Frens give and receive constructive criticism

  • We must have thick skin
  • Seek the benefit you can receive from the criticism regardless of how the criticism is delivered.
  • Don't let yourself get butt-hurt about it.
  • Criticism also helps us keep our egos in check

Rule 19: Frens forgive mistakes when asked

  • The evil have no ability to forgive mistakes. This is a sign of weakness.
  • The right has a strength in being able to forgive, even when it hurts our pride/ego.
  • The internet does seem to make this very common.

Rule 20: Frens know others by their fruits.

  • There is no replacement for genuine quality, virtue, and goodness.
  • We know them by the quality of the fruits they produce in their lives
  • This is clear in the real world.


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