A Positive Vision for the Right

A Positive Vision for the Right
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Full Title: A Positive Vision for the Right? - YouTube
Creator: Academic Agent
Publication Date: August 4, 2021


Mission: To build a self-sustaining local community with traditional values

  • This vision, "Milkman Localism," aims to create a community that can take care of all basic material needs without outside help.
  • Community isn't just a location
  • It is a harmonious sense of social cohesion that gives a sense of fulfillment to its members
  • The vision promotes sustainability and traditional values over wastefulness and modernity, suggesting a preference for preserving established structures and ways of life.
  • The vision also strikes a balance between traditionalism and modern convenience


  1. Community is good
  2. Local is better than national which is better than global
  3. Sustainable is better than wasteful
  4. Traditional is better than modern

Normative Goals:

  • To prevent nomadism
  •  Nomadism, caused by social and technological changes like mass immigration, disrupts communities and traditions, so a balanced vision is needed that combines modern conveniences with the spirit of traditionalism.
  • To prevent social & technological changes that irreparably disrupt the structures of everyday life and destroy local communities

Idealized Version: Trumpton

  • In the idealized community of Trumpton (from a late 1960's British children's show), everyone had a place and accepted their role in society, finding happiness in their assigned tasks and not aspiring for more.
  • This vision acknowledges that achieving it may be utopian and never fully achievable, but it shouldn't prevent us from striving for the good.
  • What would it take to develop such a community in the 2020's?

What is Required to Achieve the Vision

  1. Top-down planning
  2. Social engineering
  3. State-induced capital controls
  4. Deliberate retardation of markets and technology
  5. A recognition that an element of this is "utopian" (never fully achievable)
  • These are difficult concepts for the Right to come to terms
  • But they combat the Four Freedoms of the EU
  •  Free movement of goods
  •  Free movement of capital
  •  Freedom to establish and provide services
  •  Free movement of persons
  • All of these freedoms promote nomadism and tend to destroy communities
  • AA includes some fairly radical prohibitions in this community aimed directly at limiting the 4 freedoms above
  • Prohibiting electronic media, subversive and degenerate materials, and machinery that would disrupt the traditions and structure of everyday life or make one more productive
  • Similarly businesses would all be locally owned, have a duty to maintain their traditions
  • Foreign direct investment prohibited, as are outflows from the shire
  • No more than 1 house per person. Renting is prohibited. Usury laws prevent mortgages.
  • Own currency: The concept of a fixed money supply and the banning of interest and usury in Trumpton Shire challenges traditional banking practices and raises questions about the feasibility and effectiveness of such a system.
  • Growth threatens the rhythms of everyday life - therefore it's banned
  • New businesses or services would be assessed by authorities based on their impact on the structures of everyday life.
  • Taxation: Flat 10% tax rate for all employees and business owners
  • Set percentages on how this money is spent by authorities (33% defence, 16.5% fire service; 16.5% administration; 16.5% police force; 16.5% top brass salaries)

This is simply a rough sketch and would take lots of refinement.


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