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You may be wondering "What is The Distillery?" Simply put, this is a place where we "Distill" various concepts and ideologies in the political realm, with an emphasis on the Conservative side of the equation. Our Western society is thoroughly indoctrinated to the language and concepts of the left. The ideas, concepts, and language of actual Conservative thought has been effectively obscured and neglected. If you have found your way here, you likely understand that something they so desperately wish to bury must have value.

It is our aim to make these concepts accessible. To become an effective on-ramp to these ideas, distilling them into something easier to consume. There is a ton of content out there to cover, so it can be hard to get started. Also, the NRX sphere can be very "Long Form" oriented, making it difficult for entry. Hopefully, we can help with that.

We still highly recommend dipping into the originals of the content we Distill. While summaries can be useful for getting up to speed to some degree, there will be considerable nuance in the original which will be omitted by necessity.

In time, we will include useful distilled articles on right and left-wing thought and likely other interesting topics as well.

For now, we suggest starting here:

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  • The Auron MacIntyre Show
  • The Good Ol Boyz Podcast
  • The J. Burden Show
  • The Longhouse (A Walrus)
  • The Pete Quinones Show
  • Restoring Order with Patrick Casey
  • Subversive with Alex Kaschuta


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